My Story

E very ending is a new beginning, in my case the ending of my eyesight has marked the start of a new begging within me. The germination of a special project, a space where it is of my strongest desire to serve you with valuable real life experiences that I know will help transform or touch your life in any positive way. If I am able to do this, then I will feel that I have accomplished my goal. It is my sincere hope that together you and I can form a digital family of friends where on a weekly basis we will be in constant touch.
Dear friend let me tell you my experience when I Lost my vision, when I went blind I felt so scared because I literally felt that I was being confined into the boundaries of my body, I felt incarcerated for no reason I was so scared to the point that I temporarily lost my voice.

Why am I opening myself to you?
Well because I have gone through a lot and I feel that if I share my story you will be able to get to know me better and will be able to connect to a deeper level. To my surprise as time passed I started questioning who I really was and through study, long periods of silence and meditation I came to the realization that both you and I are more that the confines and boundaries of our bodies. We are nothing more than that divine and miraculous spirit which is Loving, Non Judgemental and peaceful. A divine spark of God.
This is the point of true power that helped me overcome so many adversities. Its Also the place that I call :”Living in the Invisible”because its this invisible loving escence that lives everywhere, and where all these words are flowing from, so my friend let me tell you that from the deepest part of my being, the place where I was most afraid of living has become a place of deep peace, understanding, and wisdom .

This is the place where I will to open your eyes to the many blindspots that we as humans carry along with us we will talk about limiting beliefs, superimposed ideas and how people like you and me have done amazing breakthroughs. How they overcame their greatest fears, and most importantly to have them share their secrets on how they conquered different areas of life.. My dear friend I am humbled to welcome you to my podcast “Blind leading the Blind”.

March 26, 2018

1979 The painful reaction

In 1979 at age three I met my toughest but most important teacher that taught me the most valuable lessons of my life.
July 6, 2016

Steven Johnson Syndrome

July 6, 2016

Quis nostrud exercitation

July 6, 2016

Aenean accumsan

July 6, 2016

Mauris vitae

July 6, 2016

Praesent luctu

Who is Christian Stahl

C hristian was born to his American mother and his Guatemalan father in Guatemala City C.A. January the 30th 1976 . In 1979 Christian had a playground accident at age three which led him to the hospital where he battled for his life to the deadly auto Immune disorder of ”Stevens Johnsons Syndrome” for detailed information please visit: After the survival of SJS Christian was left with his entire body severely wounded from head to toes and his eyes being completely damaged. At the time of his accident he had a bacteria known as “Pseudomona” Which ate part of his right eye leaving him with almost no vision on that side.
After coping with the aftermath of SJS and growing up Christian had to face psychological trauma not only of the illness itself, but also dealt with difficul eye surgeries at age four. In retrospect Christian believes that this was his early training ground for what was yet to come.
In the year 2003 Christian had his right eye “Enucleated “ that is to say , completely remove due to extremely high readings of intraocular pressure. It took him some time to accept how important is an organ to ones body even if such organ does not perform at optimum levels. Amazingly Christian responded to this new challenge with a resilient attitude.

Due to the side effects of SJS in the year 2011 he presented signs of extreme dry eyeconditions plus penetrating eye lashes. This new obstacle paved the road for a series of twenty nine eye surgeries in a six year period (2011-2017) including four corneal transplants the latter being a special type of prosthesis named: Boston type I Keratoprostesis with which he recovered his vision this miracle lasted three years (2013-2016) . Christian experienced two periods of blindness each lasting 2 years for rest during surgeries .The first dated from January 2011 to October 2013 and the one he is currently in starting January 2016 up tto date. He is now waiting for his new transplant most likely to be done in January 2018.

Christian Stahl is the embodiment of a strong spirited and courageous human being. He is now focused in the fields of Self Development ,NLP and is interested in helping as many people as possible through his weekly interviews(podcasts) gathering important information from people that have trancended illness and deseases. Asking them the right questions they can lead us to the right answers to their secrets on how they handled crucial points such as: managing emotions , maintaining the right frame of mind an how to break limiting beliefs to soar above illness and disease, thus living a happier,healthier and joyful lives.

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